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On this site, we aim to celebrate you, the directors we serve. We know there are so many of you who work so very hard to provide a top quality music education to your students and we simply want to highlight you and your efforts.

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Spotlights & Tips

Director Tips – Western High School

Brian Caldwell, Dan Healton and Keith Whitford talked with us on the Director Spotlight recently. They discussed having high expectations, student leadership/ownership and how they manage staff members. Check out these short segments from our Spotlight Interview. High Expectations   Student Leadership   Managing Staff...

Western High School – Director Spotlight

Brian Caldwell, Dan Healton and Keith Whitford join us on this edition of the Director Spotlight. This trio of directors proudly serves the Western Community School community in Russiaville, Indiana. We hope you enjoy the spotlight interview with Brian, Dan and Keith.   New Video Feature You can now skip ahead to the content you’d like to see by using the chapters feature in the video player. There are 2 ways to do this. Note: this feature is currently not available on mobile devices. 1. Use the white “dots” in the video timeline. Hover over the dot to see the topic and a screen shot. Simply click on the dot of the chapter that you’d like to view. Give the video player just a moment to skip ahead and it should start playing on it’s own. 2. Select a chapter by clicking on the chapter icon at the bottom right of the video player. A list of the chapters will pop up and you’ll be able to select the topic you wish to...

Music Truths

Students Who Participate In School Arts Have Higher Academic Success

Researchers have demonstrated a strong relationship between individuals who participated in school arts experiences and higher academic success as demonstrated by grade point averages, scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and math and verbal portions of the SAT exam. ~ Kelly, S. N. (2012). Fine Arts-Related Instruction’s Influence on Academic... read more

Music Students Score Higher In Algebra

Students who take music in middle school score signifcantly higher on algebra assignments in 9th grade than their non-music counterparts. ~ Helmrich. B. H. (2010). Window of opportunity? Adolescence, music, and algebra. Journal of Adolescent Research. 25... read more