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On this site, we aim to celebrate you, the directors we serve. We know there are so many of you who work so very hard to provide a top quality music education to your students and we simply want to highlight you and your efforts.

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Spotlights & Tips

Director Tips – Stephanie O’Brian

Stephanie O’Brian, Band Director at Barr-Reeve schools offers a tip for young directors in finding comfort, acceptance and happiness in your career. She also discusses her “Festival of Bands” project, as well as the role of her band in a small school community and finally, her personal approach to the recruiting process. Finding Comfort   Role In Community   Festival of Bands   Recruiting...

Stephanie O’Brian – Director Spotlight

Today’s Spotlight is on Stephanie O’Brian at Barr-Reeve Schools. Stephanie teaches grades 5-12 band and general music! Her energetic approach to teaching in a small school setting is quite remarkable. We hope you enjoy this edition of the Director Spotlight!...

Director Tips – Rick Wagoner

Rick Wagoner offers up his recruiting process, helping kids believe in themselves and using private teachers in the school day. Please enjoy these tips from our latest Director Spotlight with Rick Wagoner of Avon Intermediate School West. Recruiting     Building Up Kids   Private Teachers   Working With Administrators...

Music Truths

Students In The Arts Are More Cooperative

A Columbia University study revealed that students in the arts are found to be more cooperative with teachers and peers, more self-confident and better able to express their ideas. ~ Burton, J., Horowitz, R., Abeles, H. Champions of Change, Arts Education Partnership,... read more

Arts-Rich Schools Score Higher

Children from “arts-rich” public schools score higher on expression, risk-taking, creativity-imagination, cooperative learning, and academic self-concept than children in “arts-poor” systems. ~ “Learning In and Through the Arts: The Question of Transfer,” Judith M. Burton, Robert Horowitz, and Hal Abeles, Studies in Art Education, 2000, 41(3):... read more